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                                                                    By Frank McAskill

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Monte's Restaurant began as a coffee and sandwich shop sometime in the mid 1940's. Peter Motejunas, who had been working at General Electric, went into partnership with others in order to make a little extra money to augment his weekly income. The business went well, but they knew they could do better if they had a beverage license. After some struggle, they obtained a beer and wine license.

      At some point in time, the partners left the business for one reason or another, and "Pete Monte", as he was known by his friends became sole proprietor. He managed to get a full liquor license, so he left the "G.E." and went full-time into running a bar and restaurant. He was industrious and gregarious, and was a real "people person." The business slowly grew and became very profitable. 

     At about this time, pizza was becoming very popular. Some unknown acquaintance of "Pete" who was passing through Lynn gave him a recipe for a crisp thin-crust pizza and that is how the unique Monte's pizza was born. 

     It was a stroke of entrepreneural genius when Pete offered three pizzas for the price of two. At that time - the fifties and sixties - not very many establishments  (three or four in all of Lynn), offered pizza and it was still very profitable, even with giving a free pizza away. 

     In the sixties, Monte's began to change its image from a "pizza and beer" place to a full fledged restaurant serving reasonably priced food and using only the finest quality ingredients.

In 1965 "Mr. Monte" died and the business was managed by his wife, Ruth. Around 1972, because of the growth and competition ot the pizza industry, Monte's was forced to discontinue the famous 3 for 2 pizza special. A short time later I was offered and accepted the position of manager. I had been working full and part-time at Monte's since 1958, so I definitely had the experience. I continued to provide the same quality food and service that made Monte's the great restaurant that it is.

    After Ruth Monte's retirement in 1976, I purchased the restaurant from her as was originally agreed. Since that time there have been many changes in the restaurant, some small and some large, but we have still maintained the same quality of great tasting food, quick service and friendly no-frills atmosphere.

On many of the holidays we offer grab-bags for the kiddies that contain prizes and treats. We also offer Monte's apparrel (sweatshirts, tees and aprons.) We also offer hand-made gift baskets which make great presents.

Monte's is a family restaurant in more ways than one. There are many family members working in the dining room, kitchen and bar. And there are more family members waiting in the wings until they're old enough to participate.

See you soon,


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